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The Sonaphone ultrasonic testing device captures sound waves associated with the following inspection applications.

– Gas Leak Detection and Classification

– Condition Monitoring of Machinery

Window or Hatch Tightness Testing.

– Valve and Steam Trap Inspection.

– Detection of partial electrical discharges.

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The Sonaphone can detect leakages in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems. It can also detect machine issues such as bearing failures. It can also determine if a steam trap needs replacement.  It can also detect electrical issues such as partial discharges on medium or high-voltage equipment.  It can also be used to detect the tightness of cabin windows, hatch covers and containers by placing an ultrasonic transmitter on the opposite side of the Sonophone instrument.

Sonaphone Application Condition Monitoring of Machinery

Condition Monitoring of Machinery

Bearing Data Capture with the Sonaphone
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Condition Monitoring  Video

Bearing condition monitoring
Bearing Screen Display
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Condition Monitoring Sound Wave  Video

The SONAPHONE allows the user to monitor damage and wear on rotating machinery and other moving components. Ultrasound data, including levels, spectra, and audio can be recorded during individual or series of tests. All data can then be transferred from the device to a computer and presented through the DataViewer and SONAPHONE DataSuite software, for further trending and analysis. There are 2 sensors for this application. Both have magnetic attachment capabilities. The BS40 is dedicated condition monitoring sensor while the BS2o sensor is a condition monitoring sensor and steam trap sensor. The BS20 includes a temperature sensor for the steam trap inspection application. 

BS20 Bearing App
BS20 Sensor
BS40 Bearing App
BS40 Sensor
Sonaphone Application Steam Trap Inspection

Steam Trap Inspection

Steam Trap Testing
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Steam Trap Inspection  Video

Steam Trap Inspection
Steamtrap Sound Wave
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Steam Trap Sound Wave  Video

Steam Expert App

With the SteamExpert app, steam traps of all types and brands can be tested quickly and inexpensively. The app was specially developed for the digital ultrasonic testing device SONAPHONE in combination with the ultrasonic and temperature sensor BS20. The tester is guided intuitively through the test process and at the end has a reliable result on the condition of their steam traps in his hand. In combination with the SONAPHONE DataSuite software, the tests can be planned in the form of routes and the results can be comprehensively analysed and evaluated.

Sonaphone Application Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Sonaphone Leak Detection
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Leak Detection  Video

Sonaphone Detection
Leak Detection Sound Wave
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Leak Detection Sound Wave  Video

Sonaphone Leak Detection Display

The LeakExpert App main features include

  1.      Automatic leak evaluation in l/min or cfm
  2.      Process-accompanying documentation
  3.      Add photos, voice memos and comments
  4.      Add locations, define priorities and save details on repairs
  5.      Create PDF reports

Sonaphone Application Electrical Inspection

Electrical Inspection

Sonaphone Electrical Inspection
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Electrical Inspection  Video

Sonaphone Electrical Inspection
Electrical Inspection Sound Wave
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Electrical Inspection Sound Wave  Video

Sonaphone Electrical Inspection Display

The SONAPHONE can be used to detect and distinguish stages of corona, tracking and arcing, for high, medium and low voltage applications, to inspect open or closed electrical systems, to inspect switching cabinets, control boxes, relays, transformers, insulators, etc

Instrument Software

Sonaphone Instrument Software
Sonaphone Instrument

LevelMeter App is part of the standard software on the Sonaphone. It looks after the main functions on the instrument such as determining the sound levels, recording and logging ultrasonic signals, graphing the results in a spectrogram. It also is used for adding photos, comments and voice memos. A camera is included in the Sonaphone. The collected data is saved in the following file formats. CSV, ZIP or PDF.

AssetExpert App is part of the standard software on the Sonaphone. It is used to add new data points to the route inspection files or collect data for the existing points in the route inspection files. The data collection points are identified by text ID or QR-Code. AssetExpert is part of the DataSuite software. The AssetExpert software can be used to compare the previous data for the same data collection point. The data on the Sonaphone is synchronized with the DataSuite data.

SteamExpert App is optional software for evaluating the condition of steam traps. A recording of the ultrasonic signals is combined with information about the steam trap type, temperature, pressure and emissivity in the evaluation of the condition of the steam trap. There is a report function and pictures, memos and steam trap location can also be added to the report. Trend analysis can be performed at the test location. This software option is sold with the BS20 ultrasonic sensor kit which includes an infrared thermometer.

BS20 Sensor

LeakExpert App is optional software for locating and evaluating leaks in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems. Based on methods of aeroacoustics, Sonotec has developed the world’s first process for the classification and evaluation of leaks. The leak is displayed in liters per minute at the touch of a button. You can then use this information to set priorities for repair. The software, which has been specially developed for leak location, also has integrated test routines that guide you through the measurements. A report function is also included. This software option is sold with the BS10 ultrasonic sensor kit.


BS10 Sensor
BS10 Sensor

PC and Server Software

Sonaphone PC Software
Sonaphone DataSuite Software

DataSuite software is for the management of measurement points and the creation of the route inspection files. It includes the ability to define alarm levels, design rout inspection points, trend different ultrasound levels in dB, graph the data in a spectrogram or  spectrum formats, replay the audio recordings, combine ultrasound measurements, pictures, text notes and voice memos into a single report. Add single measurements into the asset tree.

Play Video about Datasuite

DataSuite  Video

AssetExpert software is used to create the route inspection files for the Sonaphone instrument. The same software is also found on the Sonaphone. See Sonaphone software for more details.

Data Transfer software is used to transfer the raw data between the Sonophone instrument and the PC. A USB cable is used for the transfer of files. The zipped transfer folder includes audio files, pictures, notes, voice memos, graphs and CSV files.

SteamExpert is an extension of the SteamExpert software available for the Sonaphone instrument. It includes a library of different types of steam traps by manufacturer and model. It also Includes a definition of emissivity and operating pressure for each temperature measurement. A Red light green light steam trap assessment is based on ultrasound thresholds and temperature. Additional manual assessment is also possible. There is also a reporting function.   

Sonaphone Advantages

The SONAPHONE can be operated intuitively like a tablet via 5-inch display with multi-touchscreen. Even new employees and service providers master the extremely comfortable handling quickly and can perform test processes themselves after just brief introduction.

With the new SONAPHONE maintenance staff can see and hear everything that happens in the frequency range from 20 to 100 kHz. In contrast only a narrow frequency range can be gathered with comparable testing technology. By integrating new sensors, innovative measurement technology and advanced data processing, SONOTEC has successfully provided a completely new analysis of the ultrasonic signal, which is unrivaled on the market. This makes new applications like leak classification possible.

The sensors from SONOTEC not only differ visually from the airborne and structure-borne sound probes that are usual on the market – processes run in the sensor itself which contrast significantly with the previously known narrow band technology. Thus the broadband sensors simultaneously receive and process ultrasonic signals from 20 to 100 kHz. The additional information obtained in this way is very significant for the evaluation of the condition of machines and systems and paves the way for new applications in maintenance 4.0.

The mobile testing device with a tablet look is characterized by its exceptional robustness. For especially harsh industrial environments there is a protection set that can provide additional protection for the hand-held device against impacts and external influences.

Find leaks or detect partial discharges with the airborne sound sensor, which can be expanded with various attachments for large and small distances depending on the application. Just one click turns the SONAPHONE from
leak detection device into a hand-held device for bearing testing. You can perform functional testing of machines
and steam traps with the
structure-borne sound and temperature sensor.

While other ultrasonic testing devices can only find leaks, SONAPHONE can also be used to classify their size at the same time. Based on methods of aeroacoustics SONOTEC developed the world‘s latest process for classification of leaks for the newest generation of SONAPHONE testing devices. The results of the patent-pending methods are plausible values for the classification of the leak size and for estimation of the savings potential.

Paper records, which are error-prone and above all time-consuming, are a thing of the past with the modern testing device for Maintenance 4.0. The various apps accompany you through the entire testing process, from planning, testing and documentation to analysis. Whether leak classification, condition monitoring of machinery or steam trap testing – the parameters to be recorded are optimally adapted to the different tasks of preventive maintenance.

The apps bundle all information relevant to maintenance so you always have an overview of the condition of your
machines and systems. Record
spectrograms, time signals, sound files and levels for the test objects. Then photograph
the potential weak point and add markings. You can also add text comments and voice memos and set priorities.

Save time not only when recording but also when analysing the test. With a few clicks at the end of the test process you can create a professional report as a PDF or load the recorded data into the SONOTEC PC data viewer.

With the SONAPHONE you can not only detect leaks in compressed air and gas systems and reduce energy costs; you can also detect partial discharges and increase your operational safety, detect early wear in bearings, avoid unplanned down times and assess the function of steam traps. Often preventing just a single downtime suffices to make up for the investment costs for the device.